Monday, November 14, 2011

Choosing Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a safety net when we are sick to the hard work has not gone to pay for medical care. For that enrich yourself with the kinds of insurance in accordance with the expected protection.

Health insurance continues to grow, there is a change fee of critical illness, the insurance for the initial phase of critical illness, or who simply guarantees hospitalization only.

every person should ideally have health insurance, not to mention the children because their propensity to enter a larger hospital.

"In addition to more easily hurt, the mothers are usually easy to worry about their child's health. 3 days fever usually directly brought to the hospital, "he said.

Currently there is a choice of insurance combined with investment or popularly called unitlink. However, should we choose a pure health insurance. "Health insurance premiums are less expensive pure and benefits more accurately," he added.

Current health insurance claim to replace most of the health costs to the extent specified or agreed. Reimbursement limit can include the cost of rooms, doctors, medicines, and other medical measures, with a limit per type of health care.

There are also health insurance to replace only the room in the hospital just so that customers still have to pay for various medical procedures and drugs. We recommend that you select that covers the entire cost because it is usually expensive and drugs act.

Before determining the amount of premiums, that we conduct price surveys hospital room when we are going to hurt. "Then when we are ill treated in the room wants a yes adjusted only class premiums. If you wish in the VIP room, take a higher premium.

Critical illness insurance

In addition to hospitalization insurance in the hospital, is now also available insurance for critical illnesses, such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, and many more.

Critical illness insurance is usually not to replace the cost of hospital care. "This is the type of insurance policy pays for the insurance money so customers affected by critical illness. Paid in full but after that is not covered anymore, "he said.

Critical illness insurance is important for those on family history of certain diseases. For example, if a parent, grandparent, or any relatives who had cancer, then we should buy this insurance just in case. "Especially now tend lifestyle is not healthy.